Happy Birthday honey

Wow wifey, you’re old.  I think sleeping in til 11am on mywife’s birthday would usually be a no-no.  But with a seven hour time difference, and the safety of 12,028 kms, I can say it was entirely appropriate!  Apparently being awayin an entirely different country is not a sufficient present.  Luckily Dubai has everything for the woman who wants something.

The day was important for another reason, as it was my first dayworking for Emirates Group.  The morning was filled with meeting people,and learning what a lot of work I have to do. 

I’ve made a real effort in remembering people’s names, and it has been working amazingly well.  A while ago I think I did an advanced memory course, which taught some techniques which have really paid off. It involves changing the person’s name into words – particularly vivid picture words- then somehow associate it with the person’s appearance, so you can make the connection in future.  I really can’t get into what I’ve been coming up with for some of the sub-continental and Arabic names, but it certainly makes me remember.  Actually the names I’ve invented  are probably a little too vivid and memorable, as I honestly have to try not to laugh with some of the recall that comes when someone comes to see me.

The day also involved a bit of  a medical at headquarters,which involved yet another blood test.  With all the x-rays, blood tests, along with the eye scan at theairport,and yetanother blood test, I wouldn’t be surprised to come into work one day and see a clone of myself sitting next to me.  Well, actually Iwould be surprised.  Surely they could find something more valuable to clone, like a 20 year old baby sheep or something.