I made my first faux pas today, and lived to tell the tale. 

Well actually it’s my second faux pas if you count the time I was walking out of thesupermarket and inadvertently made eye contact with a prostitute, then looked curiously when I noticed she was beaming a massive, suggestive smile at me. This resulted in me doing a quick about-face, then almost running away before ducking into a different shop to escape.

And actually, it’s my third faux pas if you count my error in judgment when I thought that in my spare bathroom I had a second shower which turned out to be a jet/bidet thing.  Boy did I feel silly, and dirty once I learned how wrong I was*.

But getting back to my stuffup today.  It wasn’t until I got home that I realised, but it’s entirely conceivable- infact, quite likely – that I walked all the way home from the office with my fly/zipper down.  I thought it was a little cooler than usual. And people were pointing and laughing at me more than usual*.   Honestly though, it was quite embarassing.  I know there was at least one look I received that made sense once Irealisedthe errorof myways.




* This was certainly exaggerated for comic effort.