Out and about

It should be unsurpring but today I just noticed that the Dubai escalators are around the opposite ways to what I’m used to.  They still go up and down, but like their roads people go on the right.  I noticed, however, there is no consistent (or any) convention followed while walking generally.  Actually from some reports, this is more like their roads.

I also did what I’ve said I’d never do and visited an internet cafe in my first week of going somewhere. At least I waited til after the airport arrivals section, and nearly got through the second day.  The only reason I broke this was I’ve been without a phone and wanted to get some info to family. There’s a wireless router upstairs, so I may not need to do this once I get a computer – whenever I find to research that one.

I visited an electronics and home entertainment store. Despite the loud speakers broadcasting at full volume from the nearby mosques early in the morning, I thought I should get an clock radio or something to make sure I wake up at the right time for work.  My sleeping patterns haven’t yet matured to sleeping in anyway.  But anyway, at the shop I heard the beautiful voice of a woman obviously demonstrating the karaoke machine. As I got closer I realised that the female voice was actually coming from a short pudgy Arab guy with a moustache.  Woops.

After shoping in a few clothing stores I’ve learned Dubai’s not great for Australian guys concerned about their waist size.  Pants here are labelled an average of 2 inches larger than at home.  OR, I made more of a pig of myself in Business Class on the way over than I first thought.

At the moment I can’t help but feel a bit like Guy Pierce’s character in the movie, Memento.  I’m in my apartment all by myself so I constantly have monologue running in my head, and being in a strange new country I’m unsure of everything.  It hasn’t yet got to the stage where I need to tattoo words to my body, or photograph people’s faces – but I have certainly been writing names down, and making loads of other notes.  Those who love Indian cinema may be interested to know a Bollywood version of Memento has been released. No, honestly!