Weathering Dubai

The end of Summer is impending, and we’re already starting to get a sense of the beautiful weather in store. I could translate this for someone not living in Dubai as, the heat is no longer so much that you’ll die quickly outside of air conditioning.

I think it’s interesting how everyone’s expectations are such a lowest common denominator. Conditions don’t need to be very special to seem “beautiful” after surviving a seasonal onslaught of >40 degrees centigrade combined with >60% humidity. (I won’t mention the temperature exceeding 50, cause it never happens. Some believe this is due to people being allowed to take days off whenever it officially hits this mark, so it’s just never published.)

We must take clues from other areas to confirm that the weather really is beautiful. From my running club’s perspective weather is turning beautiful because most of us can now run more than 16kms without our socks becoming too wet with sweat to proceed – the dreaded “squelch” as our running patriarch Murph describes it. I suppose it’s unsurprising I’ve yet to hear a single weather forecast on TV use such descriptions.

Another positive sign of better days ahead is the number of people beginning to go to the beaches again. Or go camping. Or even to sit outside at restaurants or pubs again. It’s amazing that some of our regular spots can survive the hiatus. These venues are doing almost the equivalent of a bear’s hibernation from July to September. Not only is the heat the concern then, it’s also Ramadan and school holiday time – so it’s very bare in the country anyway, with everybody returning to their homelands. In an Australian’s case, returning to THEIR country’s worst weather.

Anyway, let’s enjoy the beautiful weather (“let’s enjoy doing what is considered normal in every other country again”).