gulfnews : Ramadan alert: Top 5 scams to watch out for

It’s always good to be aware of known scams doing the rounds.

Gulfnews has published some in readiness for the upcoming Ramadan period:
gulfnews : Ramadan alert: Top 5 scams to watch out for.

Me and a colleague have seen scam #2 half a dozen times between us:


A well-dressed European asks you for directions. He claims he’s an Italian designer who’s in town for a garment exhibition and has some Armani or Gucci designer suits left over. They cost a fortune, but he offers to sell them at Dh200 apiece, sometimes even less as he’s in a hurry to fly back. He’ll even show you a passport, plane ticket (probably fakes) to prove his identity. The suits are cheap counterfeits, of course. But then, if you’re buying out of a trunk of a car you can’t expect anything better, can you?

GOING ON SINCE: For at least six years with some variations.

AREA OF OPERATION: Mostly around Bur Dubai and Deira.

TOP TIP: Trust your instincts. If the price is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.