My Yourtopia

I was quite surprised by an online survey I completed.  Well, I was surprised twice.

The first surprise was that I actually completed the thing.  I find online surveys overly saturated, monotonous, and I’m very suspicous about a great majority of them providing any real value or insights.

The survey is from (an Open Knowledge Foundation Project):

The idea: Construct a measure of social progress world-wide based on your preferences for development. Participate in a global effort to improve tracing of humanity’s progress towards the Millennium Development Goals

In it you are asked to rate the importance you place on various factors of human well-being.  It was interesting to contemplate if I place higher importance on things like household consumption over say poverty headcount. And to be honest, some of the items I don’t know in any depth – so had to take an educated-uneducated guess.

The ratings are calculated, and the output is your preferred country – based on your ideals and preferences.

The result for me was surprising.  Out of the 186 countries featured, my ratings indicate my preferred country in the world is Australia – my home nation.

My Yourtopia - my home country, Australia

Screen shot of my results

Some could assume that Australia has a great standard of living, so it’s a likely result for many.  Based on the site’s results though, Australia only features 8th.  Norway is the list leader, followed by a couple of other European nations. 

It’s nice to know that the pace and progress that Australia achieves with various human factors aligns to my priorities. 

Although I left Australia temporarily for employment, fresh experience, and opportunities for my children, we obviously have a deep affection for Australia and will forever live and breath her ideals.