Information poetry

I never thought a poem would appeal to me as an information architect. I thought this unknown fuzzy discipline is buried too heavily in business data and technology to enjoy something designed for pleasure purposes alone. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the information domain would be so clearly understood by someone other than an information manager, let alone a children’s author.

Michael Rosen changed this though. Myles had to watch his performance of We’re Going On A Bear hunt as part of his home work. My curiosity took me to his web site where I found a fantastic bit of prose, called

Words Are Ours:

In the beginning was the word
and the word is ours:
the names of places,
the names of flowers,
the names of names,
words are ours.
for early-learners
How to boil an egg
or mend a leg
Words are ours
Love hearts
Sports reports
Short retorts
Jam-jar labels
Words are ours
Following the instructions
for furniture constructions
Ancient mythologies
Online anthologies
Who she wrote for
Who to vote for
Joke collections
Results of elections
Words are ours
The tale’s got you gripped
Have you learned your script?
The method of an Experiment
Ingredients for merriment
W8n 4ur txt
Re: whts nxt
Print media
Words are ours
Sub-titles on TV
Details on your cv
Book of great speeches
Guide to the best beaches
Looking for chapters
on velociraptors
Words are ours
The mystery of history
The history of mystery
The views of news
The news of views
Words to explain
the words for pain.
doing geography
What to do in pay-phones
Goodbyes on gravestones
Words are ours.
Source:, accessed 20 October 2010