Toilet training hiccup

We’ve started toilet training Lewis, from around 1 year and 3-4 months of age. He has been a real natural. From the first time I put him on the seat, he’s been pretty much able to Number 1 on demand.

This afternoon he went without a nappy for a while. It’s interesting how he seems to dance a lot more when he’s nude.

I was a little paranoid he was going to wee on the floor, so I asked him if he wanted to wee on the toilet. He nodded with conviction. So we went to the toilet, where he managed a little trickle, which I applauded in the interests of encouragement.  Incidentally, he occasionally sneaks into the toilet when Elle or I are in there doing our own business, and it’s interesting to see when we’re done he now claps us too.

A little while later he was running around the couch I was sitting on, and when he was standing behind me I asked if he wanted to wee on the toilet again. I turned around and saw him nod again, and was excited that he’s starting to communicate it so well. But then I spotted him looking down. Oh no! I looked to where he was looking, and yep – he wanted to wee alright. He wanted to wee all over the floor. There floor was covered in litres of yellow. It caused me to think the first one on the toilet was him actually holding it in, so he could get maximum effect later.

Oh well, we’ll keep trying. It’s all progress I guess.