From the mouths of babes

My wife is still on cloud nine. Myles really made her day yesterday. He sweetly said to her, “Mum, I love you, even more than a camel”. While all her friends liked it, and commented on how sweet he is, isn’t anybody worrying about the feelings of the poor camel?

There was another funny moment when we were at a friend’s house. She got their pet tortoise out to show us, Myles was initially a little frighted, But he became more brave when it was put in my hand, and he even started to pat it. But right at that point of time it began to impressively urinate all over my hand, and onto Myles’s shoe and foot.

“Oh, gross!” was the response. And as I took him to the bathroom to get cleaned up, he protested that he should have been told it’s a Weeing Tortoise (perhaps it’s Indian name?). And he added, the tortoise definitely should have been labeled a “Weeing Tortoise” at the pet shop.