Dubai World Cup

One of the things that sealed the deal for us to agree to moving Dubai, was their love of sports.  And horse racing is one of the more preferred sports.  The weekend just gone was the Dubai World Cup – the $10M horse race – apparently the richest race in the world.  Incidentally I thought the ‘Race that stops the nation’ – the Melbourne Cup had that title.  We didn’t attend this year’s world cup, but it was hard to miss.  The sports section of the paper was 12 pages, with 8 or so devoted to the event.  It was hosted for the first time at the magnificent Meydan facility.  I’ve only seen images on TV and in the papers, but I’m sure you’d have to see it to believe it.

Myles enjoyed marking off the horses that would win.  Unfortunately we lost his picks, it would have been interesting to see his results.  Besides since we couldn’t have a flutter on the event it didn’t seem the same.  Myles’s criteria was the horse had to be Australian or American, and the owner had to be a Sheikh.  I’m sure he would have more success with that system than I would have trying to follow their form, using statistical probability, and their odds.

Maybe next year.  Although we seem to be saying that so much lately, 2011 may be overwhelming.