The best things in life are free

I went shopping today and saw loads of cheesey souvenirs, which reminded me of the time I returned from the job interviews and tests in Dubai. 

As I was away from family for a number  of days, I bought a few gifts for everyone. I especially wanted to get something that Myles would enjoy, so I made a special effort getting things I knew he’d enjoy. There were authentic Emirates planes and airport set, there was a miniture Burj Al Arab, a soft fluffy camel, and other things. 

Each of them he liked, but put them down soon after.  BUT, when I pulled out the tiny jam bottles I flogged from the hotel, he was in awe!  He absolutely loved those, and that’s all he wanted to eat for a little while.

Goes to show, you really don’t need to buy expensive gifts. Although I don’t think hotel supplies are always going to cut it.