What a Father’s Day present!

After an attempted exit on Friday afternoon, we had to wait three long days at the Royal and Women’s Brisbane Hospital awaiting our second son to show himself.

Lewis eventually arrived Sunday night 07/09/2008 just before 8pm, becoming an unbeatable Father’s Day present.

It was around 30 food-deprived hours after the first discussed plans for my wife’s caesarean, but you can’t knock Queensland Health and the fine people who work for them.

And yes, someone has already coined the potential nickname for Lewis, in “Wally”. We saw that one coming Myles (or “1.6 km”) away.

Our latest little guy’s quite big, coming in at 4.105 kg (just over 9 lbs). So Mum is thankful in some ways avoiding delivery the natural way. Mum and he are doing extremely well. In fact Lewis had his happy, inquisitive-looking eyes open at the first sign of light. And perhaps a testament to his happiness, he weed – with quite an impressive gush – all over the poor lady trying to clean him up.

It’s been a very different experience having a slightly over-term baby, compared to Myles who arrived at around 33 weeks. For one, he has those fantastically wrinkly hands and feet (Exhibit A) that look like they’ve come from an extremely tiny 90 year old. And he’s also ready for action. He was searching for milk less than 30 minutes post escape. And he’s been drinking impressively ever since. I should add, “ever since” here means a little over 24 hours.

My first son was at my parents’ for the birth. He met his little brother this morning, which was just beautiful. As he arrived he was straight to the point. He asked to cuddle and hold Lewis, and if he could see where they cut Mummy.