Suncorp Stadium given ARL honor

Suncorp Stadium, or the new Lang Park, was today provided with an Australian Rugby League plaque to signify its importance to the game of rugby league.

I have no issues with this at all.  The ground at Milton is one of my favourite sporting venues. I’ve experienced some great sporting moments sitting in this amazing stadium. There’s also been some not so great games, such as the 20 to 4 qualifying final loss to St. George on the 9th of September 2006.  I bring up that Saturday night, cause my disappointment made it to the television coverage when the daft camera man focused in on me looking dejected with my head in my hands.  Who cares, the season ended well.

What strikes me as odd though with the plaque going to Suncorp Stadium is that it is one of around 180 plaques being given out around the country.

Why so many?

It’s deserving for each significant home ground for each notable, or feeder rugby league club, but surely 180 is going beyond this measure.

I wonder if they’ve branched out from home grounds, and installed ARL plaques into the likes of the Dubbo hotel room of Julian O’Neill’s infamous poo in the shoe incident?