Broncos vs St. George – 15 August 2008

A few of us decided to catch this Friday night game at Suncorp Stadium.

It’s always good to watch us play St. George.  And at the moment there’s an extra level of interest due to ex-Bronco Wendell Sailor now playing for them after a period of retirement from active sport by playing internation rugby union.  And, also our founding and long-standing coach Waybe Bennett has decided to leave at the end of the season for the Dragons.

The game started well for the Broncos with two opening converted tries.  My mate and I thought it was the start of an easy victory for us.  Unfortunately the Broncos appeared to think the same thing and relaxed – not a good thing to do in any professional sport.

We still led at half time 12 – 6, but to cut a frustrating story short, in the end the Dragons rolled us 24 – 20.  We scored the final points which made the result appear closer than it was. Unfortunately we had massive defensive holes, and again we failed to score or provide at least a satisfactory attacking play when needed.

Another unfortunate part to the night was a minor clash with the people sitting behind us.  They were St. George supporters which wasn’t the problem.  The problem was they had a supporter’s flag which continued to be waved across my mate’s sister’s face. When she turned around to make them aware of this, the guy apparently called her a grumpy slag or words to the effect.  When my mate questioned him about it, he denied everything and couldn’t offer any construction explanation .. The guy was in his 50s, yet acted like a 10 year old wanting to start a school yard “did not, did too” debate. I’m glad we rose above it, and quickly moved our focus back to the game.

As we left, the guy behind built-up his vocabularly to sarcastically say it was nice to meet us.  Perhaps it was his version of the school yard “nyah nyah”.  We didn’t let it spoil the night, but they certainly changed the mood which certainly wasn’t needed.