Syllable Soliloquies

I have enjoyEd documenting the occasional moment or observation in the form of Haiku.

Haikus are poems that follow a strict, concise three-line format. They appear simple on the surface, but there is always a challenge to capture the essence of something in 17 syllables. No more, no less.

I’ve brought here the ones I published on Twitter over the years, and hope to return to the practice.

On my 47th birthday:

 The day of my birth
As old as I’ve ever been
A number only.

Haikus make you count
Each and every syllable
One, two, three, four, five

Taking her for wees
She takes minutes or seconds
Depending on rain.
A tiny kitten
She prances so joyfully
Sadly on a road.

Watching a cat pee,
I realise I meditate
So very poorly.

Cold and wet with fog
Two pidgeons enjoy cover
A black cat observes.

Eucalyptus tree
A rare treat here in Dubai
Squeezed leaves smell like home.

(12/10/2018, may have inspired my return to Australia)
Computer keyboard
An ant is walking
Next stop "Esc" key.
A man got married
Got divorced, met a new girl
More trouble ahead
(03/02/2012, I picked it - a former colleague’s unfortunate fate)

Destroyed someone’s home.
Disabled a hunter’s trap.
Goodbye spiderweb.

A troop of kangaroos
They reveal themselves to me
Hopping in tall wheat.
(29/11/2019, I was the only commuter watching this spectacle on a busy regional train into Melbourne)

Sleeping on a train,
Argument lost by old man.
I’m happy to stand.

(17/01/2023, content that I gave my seat to another passenger – who was clearly very tired)