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I really enjoy a good movie experience (sometimes that can even involve bad movies). Thanks to IMDb I have a growing record of all my more than 200 ratings. And on Twitter I often share what I think about the more noteworthy movies or series I watch. My summaries really don’t conform with regular reviews, partly due to a Tweet having a limited number of characters, which I think is a lot more fun. Here’s the definitive archive of Ryan’s movie reviews for your info – and to prevent me from starting to watch something again by mistake.

The list is sorted by most recently watched/reviewed, not when it was released. You can filter by choosing Genre and/or Star rating.

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Perhaps my tongue-in-cheek comment about Willis’s unwise decision to be part of this movie could be in bad taste. As it turns out, his declining mental state has been quietly known about for some time.

Hard to believe it’s 30 years since Romper Stomper was infamously released. Now we’re living in Victoria I finally got around to watch it – immediately recognising the Richmond train station subway and Point Addis finale. Kind of an important story still here, regardless of its age.