Travel doodles

I had almost forgotten that on some of my travels I enjoyed trying to draw the place while I was on the homeward flight.

With my iPad on its final days, I’m relieved to download these travel doodles before I lost them.

They’re certainly not the greatest works of art, but they’re fantastic records to me of those trips after all these years, reigniting many memories and connections.

Madrid, Spain

I traveled to watch Real Madrid play Liverpool in a Champions League clash in 2014.

I still have fond memories of football, paella, sangria, and churros. I guess sangria was simplest to draw.


I traveled to Chennai a few times for work in 2014-15. Until I visited, I knew very little of the geography.

I saw cows roaming everywhere, here’s one in particular I liked and enjoyed drawing.


I loved walking the clean, safe streets of Singapore after a day of meetings.

Here’s my take on the spectacular night scenery of the Marina Bay Sands.

The next day had quite a different scene and feeling.

No quick trip to ‘Singers’ is complete without their signature Singapore Chilli Crab. I took the taxi driver’s recommendation for the best in town, and was seriously impressed – while sitting with 100 others at tables setup in the car park.

“No Sign Board Seafood” Geyland Road

Traveling home to Australia

It was always a long flight from the middle east to Australia. I remember seeing the welcoming colours of a sunrise here as we flew over what our pilot friends call the GAFA (Great Australian F*ck All).

And I’m not sure if it was this trip, or another one, when we stayed on the Sunshine Coast and this was my view of the beach.

Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast

It’s been nice to see these drawings again after maybe half a dozen years. I find they bring back stronger memories than the photos I took, perhaps as I spent a lot more time drawing them while reflecting on the places and the wonderful times I spent there.

It makes me wish I took the time more often to reflect and draw.