Review: Dark Emu

Dark Emu
Dark Emu written by Bruce Pascoe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think everyone should read this amazing book. Dark Emu is filled with fascinating well-referenced revelations, to shed light on a contrary view of pre-colonised Australia. Our Aboriginal ancestors may have been more than primitive nomadic hunter-gatherers to have survived so well for 10,000s of years. Sadly that logic and the accounts from original white settlers has proven too much of a shock to some.

It’s quite a poignant time to complete Pascoe’s book. I read it amid the Australian Federal Police’s enquiry and rejection to a (Federal MP endorsed) claim that Bruce is a fraud and no true Aboriginal. We’re also in a time of unprecedented bush fires, where Bruce has been volunteering on the front-line to save his community.

Tomorrow is Australia Day, or Invasion Day depending on your viewpoint. My wish is that the detractors, who aim to quash an Australia or history which doesn’t align with their comfortable narrative, could open their eyes and read a book like Dark Emu.

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