Touch down Australia, “summer holidays” begin – Aug 2017

It's 4 in the morning, I'm wide awake, and my body feels like it should be eating dinner.
Dubai right now is 37 degrees at 10pm. Outside here in Launceston is 1.
My summer holiday has again become a freezing one.

It was quite a day of flying. In summary, my plane took off from DXB at 10:41am. With a short stop to change planes in MEL, I arrived and reunited with my family at Launceston airport 10:08am the next day.

I already got into the Aussie mood in Dubai. The family behind me at the boarding gate were speaking in Greek. I like the sound of the language. Then occasionally they would switch to a thick, regional Australian accent when they were cursing so impressively. I guess Greek has no equivalent to "flamin'"

As I boarded, Bob Marley & The Wailers were singing "Don't worry, 'bout a thing … Cause ev'ry little thing, is going to be all-right." Not just a cool song, perhaps a great ploy to calm the nervous traveler?

I had the window seat, a vacant spot next to me, then one neighbour on the aisle. It was a lovely, old British lady. She looked like a small, female version of Tim Cook. We exchanged pleasantries. Soon after she took off her shoes, and asked if it's ok to store them in the seat pocket between us. I said it's fine. A little while later, she put her feet up on the seat next to me, after asking if it was fine. I figured it wouldn't be long before I'd be asked to give her a foot massage. It didn't come to that. She was actually lovely company, even helping me finish my large bag of cashews before Australian Customs.

I watched three movies, which is my standard for this leg. 

  • I watched Fate of the Furious – #8 in the franchise. It's a lot of fun, and must be the best movie written by a 10 year old boy. 
  • Then I watched Ghost In The Shell. It's hard to go past an action flick with a near-naked Scarlett Johansson. The movie is quite amazing. It's the movie you'd expect if The Matrix and Total Recall had a baby. 
  • And the pick of the bunch was Off The Rails. It's a documentary about Darius McCollum. Darius had issues growing up, and has Asperger's syndrome, which resulted in his unhealthy love of the New York transit system. He continuously, quite innocently, takes control of trains and buses and impersonates employees. It has landed him in jail 32 times and for more than half of his adult life. His problem is exacerbated by a justice problem which continually proves unable to help. I watched it 1.5 times.

And now the two week whirlwind whistle-stop tour begins. It's good to be home.