Cricket @ 7he Sevens


Cricket at 7he Sevens

Lewis very unimpressed with ex-English cricket captain, Mike Gatting

On the weekend we went out to 7he Sevens stadium to attend the annual charity cricket match between the famous Lord’s Taverners and our semi-professional Fly Emirates team.  It was billed as a large fund-raiser, with even buses organised from work to pick up people.  Sadly though, there was nobody really there except the players, their families, and a few tables of VIPs.  It made for an interesting day, given I had Lewis in tow.  And two year olds rarely comply with the etiquette of the posh cricket fraternity.  Having said that, Lewis running around the WAGs drinking their Pims hardly bothered anyone.

The weather was perfect, and the lack of people meant it was a very casual, almost intimate affair.  We decided to leave the pavilion and walk around the vacant field to give Lewis some variety.  We let Lewis spend quite some time rolling down “the hill” (haven’t seen one of those at a cricket field for some time).  Then we continued to walk around the other side where I managed to catch a well-hit six by one of the Fly Emirates batters.  The batsmen were desperately trying to catch up to the 240 run target.  It was to no avail.  On the way back around to the table, one of the English spectators complimented my catching ability. I mentioned it was luck more than anything, I had my eyes closed.  He made a good point.  It doesn’t really matter as long as I didn’t drop it – cause that would have been really embarassing.  Glad I didn’t think of that at the time. I would have dropped it under the pressure.

All in all a lovely day to be out in perfect Dubai weather to catch quite a lovely event – particularly given the Dubai heat will soon make watching cricket all day unimaginable.  We’ll be there again next year.