Heaven help me survive this drive

This morning I saw an extremely alarming sight on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai’s busiest road. Although I say it was alarming, at the same time it didn’t seem totally out of the ordinary for Dubai.

I was getting a lift into work with a colleague, and we were in one of the faster overtaking lanes – on the left-hand side. In a white Small Utility Vehicle in one of the right-hand lanes, still driving at a pretty quick speed, was a driver reading the Koran whilst he was driving! He gained my attention because the car was struggling to stay in one lane, which is understandable.

I’m not sure whether he was reading the holy book on account of being supremely religious. Perhaps he regularly catches up on the good book whenever there’s a quiet moment – such as this instance, driving 100kms per hour on a reasonably straight free-flowing passage of highway. Or is this person just a realist, and knows that we all need some extra help on Dubai’s road to make it through the day without accident. For sure, everybody around him needed some divine protection – insh’allah.