Safa Park markets

We’re in the market for a few things for Lewis rather than wait to get our stuff couriered over. So we spent yesterday at Safa Park with friends who told us about the markets they have there once a month.

I’ve been pricing most items at Mother Care – a UK based chain. The prices though for basic things like a bouncer, high chair and stroller weren’t that great. So instead we bought all these items and a few things for Myles at a fraction of the cost. But scoop sale of the day went to Paul who was with us. He picked up a full set of great condition Titleist golf clubs, bag, and brand new buggy never used for less than $150 AUD. It was such a good deal I don’t feel bad at all for stirring him at the car by asking if he knew they were left-handed. He paused with a worried look on his face before laughing out with a “You bastard!”. His family are clearly pros at this market business. His 9 year old son asked about a TV aerial or something. The shopkeeper said it was 5 AED (about $2 AUD), to which he responded, “Yeah, good luck with that” before walking off.

While the specials are great for shoppers, it was suggested it could be a sign of the financial crisis. The size of the market has grown considerably in a month, the same time that the number of expats leaving the country has gone up. Having said that, I think we’ll be back next month. I’m sure there’s something else we need ..

The afternoon finished with us video conferencing into my Nanna’s 90th Birthday party in Shorncliffe, Queensland. Although the internet connection between us was terrible, it was still great to see the whole family there to celebrate Little Chugger’s milestone. The crowd included my two cousins from the Northern Territory and their kids. We wanted to buy some party hats and blowers, but we just ran out of time. I’m still waiting for the piece of birthday cake they said they’d fax.