Conned again

Last night I was conned on the street by Indian beggers.  The guy was holding a baby and with his wife, so his story of the family not having money for food or milk appealed to the senses of an absent father.  To be honest it felt a bit like a con (I mean I saw Slum Dog Millionaire), but when I asked if he was serious and how it could happen I couldn’t really take in his answer. I was just comparing the size of the little baby with my own son who has more than enough food (in fact this morning I heard for a 6 month old he’s off the growth chart!).

I gave them 30 AED before telling  him he needs to look after that baby. Then went on my way.  I was actually heading off to the Irish bar I found on my way home from work.  When I was there I asked the manager if he thought I was ripped off or not.  He shook his head at me, and said I definitely was.

It’s actually not the first time. Last week I met a guy nearly in tears cause apparently the taxi took off with his luggage, passport and all his money, and that he was so hungry.  After a long chat I gave him 50 AED to (allegely) get him through two days until his embassy will give him a ticket to go home. It sounded plausible at the time, and my doorman about said it was probably true. But the guy at the Dublin Arms said that’s a popular racket also.

The other one to watch out for, he said, is a single lady will come up to you asking for money, then right behind her another woman will appear and then they together accuse you of touching them. Then before you know it a whole herd of women come out to say they each witnessed it. The sting is that they say they’ll go to the police if you don’t give them all your money.

The guy at the bar said he’s had a few attempts against him, but the safest way to get around it is to say you’re willing to help, and that you’ll call the police for them.  You’ll be amazed at how fast they scurry away.  So now I’m equipped.

This evening when the guy had the baby, part of me wanted to just cut through the possible B.S. and take him to the shop and buy the food myself – like my brother does back at home – but I was already late, and didn’t want to go out of my way.

Otherwise the night was great.  I had a few pints and watched the Rugby League World Cup Challenge, where Australia’s Manly Sea Eagles beat the Leeds Rhinos. I find it hard to believe that it’s the first time an Australian team has won in six years.  I knew we were having a bit of a bad trot, like maybe two or three losses – but six?!

Anthony Watmou certainly deserved man of the match for his early efforts, although he fell a bit quiet.  Can’t wait for State of Origin, the only other time I like him.  There was an interesting exchange when Jamie Peacock was sin-binned. It was a small TV in a busy bar while I was eating, but it looked like it was Jamie that did the high tackle, threw the first punch, and appropriately got smacked around, yet Josh Perry had to join him in cooling off for 10 minutes.  Perhaps I’m just one-eyed when it comes to watching sport.  I think it’s a sure sign the football seasons have almost begun. 🙂

Go the Broncos and go the Lions.