Broncos vs Cronulla – 25 July 2008

I managed to get a free ticket to see the Broncos play the Cronulla Sharks Friday night at home.  The weather wasn’t great throughout the day. But that was of no real concern as the seats were undercover of the Eastern stand.  It hardly rained during the match, but the ground appeared a bit wet.

The Broncos were boosted by the return of a few players. The team won pretty comfortably in the end, enabling me to leave before the finish only to sit on the first train out of Milton for twenty minutes. Despite it being a good finish for us, the commentary between my friend and I referred to an arm wrestle for most of the match.  Contrary to others’ reports, I felt the Broncos were quite flimsy in defense a few times. They only just managed to do enough to prevent several tries through broken play.

Man of the match for mine was Greg Eastwood. He did loads in defense, and as per normal he also attacked strongly.  In fact, against all odds he supplied a pin-point kick to the corner for a much needed try, then he followed-up with the match winning try.  “Slammy” Thaiday also had a blinder getting over the line, and keeping the Sharks forwards on the backfoot.

Paul Gallen had further evidence of getting priority treatment from the referees.  They certainly seem to target him.  Almost every time he was a wanker, the referee penalised him. The pinnacle was a high shot on David Stagg that made Stagg see stars, and hopefully sees Gallen get a week or two in suspension.  Poor old Gallen. Quite a drop after his man of the match performance in State of Origin 2008, almost single-handedly providing the Maroons (his opposition) that series.