A lucid reality

I often forget my dreams. At times they’re so boring, I maybe just don’t see the point in remembering them.

But one particular dream I keep remembering. I believe it’s what’s known as a lucid dream.

In it, I was with my brother in a particular shopping mall in Australia (Strathpine to be precise), and at that time I only had my first son – who would have been two or three years old.

Something happened while my brother and I were walking and my son got separated from us. It was a scary situation considering he was so young and the mall was so big and busy with people.
My mind quickly filled with panic. I wondered where he could have become lost.
At that point, I remember it crystal clearly, I thought to myself I could either run around frantically retracing my steps; OR it’s a lot easier to avoid this worry and wake up from this dream.

It was a clear option, a completely stress-free one. So I simply woke myself up and felt instantly relieved. I knew all was well, and felt so grateful to avoid the incident – even if it was just in dream form.