Tips for a rich life, LOL

When I began earning pocket money as a kid, I was pretty good at saving.

It was almost an obsession. (An obsession I eventually got over.)

I had thoughts of becoming an “infinityaire” – a term I coined, like a millionaire or billionaire, except the money never stopped growing.

To go with these earnings, I figured I’d lead quite an extravagant life with lemonade on tap.

This life didn’t pan out.

(Perhaps beyond my years, that affluent vision had me having no children.)

I don’t own aqua-coloured jeans.

I’m unable to buy something from Amazon without scrutinizing the cost.

Perhaps this is a fortunate place to be in. I appreciate every little thing that fills my life.

And I’m kind of proud, a $10 bottle of wine tastes about as good to me as a $100 one.

In other areas I’ve found ways to live a wealthy life, without the wealthy price tag.

Did you know? Buying new socks is an economical way to get that new shoe feeling.

I’ve shared here some tweeted tips for feeling rich, without needing to be so:

And lastly, perhaps feeling rich can be a matter of how you communicate: