Car based trivia

My four year old was driving with me on an errand when he spotted a taxi driving along beside us. He proudly explained and demonstrated how you get a taxi driver’s attention by waving your hand.

I then asked, and what do cricket umpires do with their arms when the batsment hits the ball into the fence.  He triumphantly did the boundary motions – waving his arm from left to right, and back.

He then had another cricket question for me, “What do you do at the cricket when the police take away your  beach ball?” He got it in one, “BOOOOOO!”

We were impressed again in a later trip that same day.  Despite the roundabout being 100 metres in front of us, he was able to spot an Audi just like the matchbox car I bought for him the night before. Of course it wasn’t exactly the same.  He was able to tell us it was a different colour, and it was bigger.